Maria's Violin & Viola Lessons

Welcome!  The following introduction was written by her husband, Douglas Peters:

Maria Peters Maria Peters has a unique musical teaching talent and reaches children extremely well. She is a multiple award winning and highly acclaimed youth violin teacher. She has been recognized as a master teacher here in the states, as well as abroad.  Maria had been teaching violin to students age 4 to 15 at the Chopin Music School in Olešnica, Poland, for 12 years before marrying her husband and moving to the US. Maria has been teaching violin and viola here in Sioux Falls since 2002, now.

Maria and one of her talented students, Staš, had both brought home the Polish national award for excellence in youth violin to Olešnica before she returned to Sioux Falls, SD. Maria also has played the viola in the orchestra while in London under the direction of Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

Maria teaches the violin and viola to the students from Augustana University, and has for many years. She also has an independent contract with the University of Sioux Falls for individual instrument instruction with violin and viola.  Maria also teaches some violin and viola students privately in one of her school offices. Maria plans to continue teaching children, as well as adults, the art of playing the violin and viola through the private sector here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Maria Peters is also an accomplished and talented master violinist available for event performances (schedule permitting). Maria can play solo or find a suitable accompanist(s) for a memorable classical performance.

Maria Peters speaks English fluently. She finished a course in advanced English to further her understanding of our language shortly after arriving in Sioux Falls. She also speaks Polish, French, Russian and some German. We are quite lucky to have her. She also heads the music department at Symbiotic Design.

For more information about Maria Peters and Maria's private violin lessons & viola lessons, or to book a performance, please see the accompanying pages describing her teaching philosophy in working with children, her credentials, the awards she has received, the rates she charges, her music events calendar, and further information on how to contact Maria to set up classes for you or your child or to setup a classical music performance gig.

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Maria's Violin & Viola Lessons

Maria Peters
Violin & Viola Teacher
Office: Room #11
Humanities Center
Augustana University
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
(Enter from S Grange Ave
across from W 30th St)

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