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Last Updated 3/31/2016

By using this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement. This Privacy Policy Statement appends that contractual document with specific information about what data is collected from visitors on this website, what is done with it, how it is used, as well as how the visitor's personal contact information and private information is protected.

This website uses log files to determine traffic statistics of the users that visit the site.  Log files are a function of the web server that allow us to spot issues such as dead links or missing images.  Log files can also reveal what URL, if any, a visitor arrived from (the referring URL), and the url they may exit to.  Log files contain no personally indentifying information.

This website does not use cookies.  Cookies are small bits of data code written to a client browser's cookie cashe.  Cookies help web scripts identify a website user for returning visits, personalize the user's experience, track the user's path throughout the website, and allows website statistics to evaluate performance, analyze traffic flow, or pinpoint website enhancement requirements.  We simply do not have the time to utilize such tools.

When you contact Maria Peters, you may also interact with members of her household.  We will deliver her messages as accurately as we can.  Maria's family members are not responsible for lost or incorrect messages.  The best way to initially contact Maria directly is through email, which will reach her personal account and will not disturb her lessons.  She will return reply as soon as is reasonable according to her schedule.

When contacting Maria, your personal contact information is kept private and does not leave her personal network.  Her network is defined as her house and university offices, including her family members.  But no private contact information is ever sold, given away, rented or leased.  

The only times that Maria Peters would ever release your personal private contact information to another party is:

  • Through the course of a student's need to get in touch with another student, as in for duet performances in recitals or other music events, and other scheduled commitments in the course of speeding contact with another student partner.
  • By endorsing a student with a letter of recomendation upon that student's request, a common practice in a teacher/student relationship.  Obviously, personally identifying information must be divulged in order to recommend the right student.
  • After the presentation of proper identification of an authority of law such as a policeman, sherrif, or federal agent, and the documents which identify a warrant, in the proper jurisdiction of such legal authority.

Otherwise, Maria and her household will protect your private contact information and personal data to the very best of their abilities, so that you do not have to worry about an infirngement on your privacy.

Upon contacting Maria Peters, you are no longer a website visitor and although your personal performance and background information may be discussed with other instructors and/or music judges through the course of your education, your personal contact information is kept safe within her network and any digital storage data is wiped before leaving her network unless it is in for repair with a trusted technician.

If you do not agree with the website Terms of Service and this supplemental Privacy Policy amendment, you hereby forfeit your right to use this website.

Thank you for reading this Privacy Policy Statement.  This contract between us and you is meant to protect all parties involved.  Thanks, again.

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