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Maria's Violin & Viola Performances

Updated 3/31/2016

Maria Peters Our Apologies:

Maria Peters has been very busy over the years since starting teaching in Sioux Falls. Maria's prime concern has always been with her students and helping them practice for performances, as well as being a loving mother and wife.  She also schedules her own performance engagements when her schedule permits.  We apologize that we can no longer keep her schedule up-to-date.  We no longer even have the time to even post it here, online.  This may have mislead some into thinking that Maria was not busy when just the opposite was the case.  Maria's past event performances documentation is archived.

Maria has taken on a number of new students and her schedule is very demanding.  However, when her free time allows, she does offer her services for performances at weddings, receptions, parties and like events.  Maria can play solo or arrange for a group play, such as a trio or quartet.  If you are interested in retaining her talents, we do recomend that you contact her directly concerning Maria's availability.


Each year Maria and her students put on a recital for the students' parents, relatives and friends.  This helps develop a students confidence in performing for the public.  This date will be defined when the opportunity permits, taking place each spring.  

Some students will take part in judged recitals, such as when applying for a seat in an orchestra.  Often this requires extra work on behalf of both teacher and student.  Maria will try to make time available for any extra practices, within reason, as her schedule allows.  However, all extra practices are still a paid service for Maria's instruction, time and expertise.


Maria Peters is a classical violinist and violist, as well as an excellent violin and viola teacher.  She may be available to perform for private and public events if her schedule allows.  The best available times are during the late spring and summer, when many of her students are taking summer vacation.  To check availability and/or book her services, please contact her, directly.

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Maria's Violin & Viola Lessons

Maria Peters
Violin & Viola Teacher
Office: Room #11
Humanities Center
Augustana University
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
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across from W 30th St)

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